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Gain more control over exports, improve cashflow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively using HSBC’s export finance facilities. With a significant presence in local markets around the world, our trade specialists have the in-depth knowledge to help you assess emerging market risks and give you the confidence you need to expand your business internationally. This includes helping you understand the regulatory environment as well as unique cultural, social and economic conditions when exploring new markets.

Our Exports solutions

Export documentary collections

Protect your bottom line by retaining control of goods until payment is received or promised without a formal documentary credit.

Export documentary credits (letters of credit)

Ensure you’ll be paid for the goods you export, even if your customers can’t make a payment on time (or at all).

Export finance

Manage the risk of slowing your supply chain with faster access to receivables to cover expenses and manage working capital effectively.

Export loans

Improve cash flows with immediate post-shipment financing to bridge the gap between when goods ship and customers make payment.

Orchestrating global growth

Acquisitions accelerated Jam Industries’ expansion – but the company had to learn how to bring new businesses on board

Why Germany is looking to MENAT

There is a $50bn corridor of trade between Germany and MENAT that has only strengthened in recent years. The country’s historic relationship with Türkiye remains strong, while countries like the UAE and Egypt entice new investments.

Together with PDS Multinational

The 6Cs risk management framework and seamless, flexible banking helped the leading apparel group navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Securing digital

Together with SASA

With the right trade finance support and investment financing, SASA successfully navigated through COVID-19 uncertainty.

Together with DeFacto

With the right financing and online banking tools, DeFacto navigated the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Green Loan Agenda

Today’s institutional investors are looking for the growth stories of tomorrow and sustainable futures.

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